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Business Advisory

Our team of qualified professionals with numerous years of experience in various accounting, analytical, business administrative and reporting standards, are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge.


We provide pertinent business advisory services such as:

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Setting up of Standard Operating Procedures, Management Reporting System & Controls

  • Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Consolidation of accounts

  • Cashflow Management

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Financial Due Diligence on Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • Business Valuation

  • IPO consultancy 

  • Post- IPO consultancy

  • Management consultancy

  • Fund-raising (e.g. venture capital, private equity, pre-IPO)




The management consultancy services that we provide can be classified under the following areas:


1.         Financial Advisory


Under the Financial Advisory Programme, the services that we provide include:


  • Reviewing the company’s financial and accounting system/internal controls and evaluating its operating performance and financial position;


  • Designing and formulating Standard Operating Procedures, Management Reporting System and Internal Controls to enhance the company’s operating efficiency and effectiveness and/or improve risk management; and


  • Developing strategies to strengthen the company’s financial position and improve operating performance.


2.         Business Development / Expansion


Companies may require assistance to chart their business directions and develop business strategies to ensure sustainable growth in the long run. They may also need assistance in obtaining financing in order to grow their business. 


Under the Business Development / Expansion Programme, the services that we provide include:


  • Preparation of Strategic Plan to put in place the company’s vision, mission and objectives and helping companies to develop strategies aimed at enhancing their competitiveness and set growth targets (including financial projections) for their business expansion.  Relevant financial or performance indicators would be set to monitor whether the Company stays on track; 


  • Conducting financial due diligence encompassing financial diagnosis and assessment of viability and prospects of the targeted company; and


  • Advising companies on the type, structure and terms of financing based on their requirements and financial position and helping companies to obtain the appropriate loan or equity financing.

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